Certified Hotel Sales Coach
 Hi, I'm Lew... 
Certified Hotel Sales Coach 
I get it. As a former Hotel Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Regional Director of Sales, and VP of Sales, my hands-on experience has given me an intimate understanding of the distinctive challenges, relentless pressures, formidable hurdles, and the downright exasperating frustrations that are part of a hotel sales professional's life.

For 20+ years, I've worked with over 80 hotels spanning 10 states and representing 6 diverse brands. My unwavering commitment is helping hospitality sales professionals not just succeed, but thrive. My passion consistently motivates me to jump out of bed every morning. It’s why I’m a Certified Hotel Sales Coach.

Here’s what you need to know. I'm not here just to empathize with your struggles. I'm here to equip you with the sales knowledge, strategies, tools, and solutions needed to overcome what’s stopping you from meeting your goals and propel your results and career to new heights.
Hotel sales professionals are responsible for many items that are important to the success of the hotel, and with so much going on, it’s easy to get distracted. That’s why we use the phrase “SQUIRREL!” as a reminder to refocus on the things that matter the most. In addition Squirrels:
Move fast and change direction quickly when needed

Squirrels gather food to get them through the harsh winters.  Hotel sales uncover business that makes the hotels successful over low-demand time periods
Adjust strategy based on the environment

Overcome multiple obstacles to achieve goals